I have been reading alot of articles and blogs about being green, natural, and organic. After reading all the abundance of information th...

Green Thumb?


I have been reading alot of articles and blogs about being green, natural, and organic. After reading all the abundance of information that everyone has to offer I starting thinking and started looking around in my home. I am amazed at all the chemicals that are in cleaning products and our food. So I decided that I am going to try to cultivate a more health conscious environment for me and my kids.

I know that as a messy I will take some short cuts and probably fore go some of the things I am going to try, just because that's what I do. I hardly ever finish a project that I start, and when I do it was a long time coming. So my venture into the green world may or may not stick, I guess it all depends on how hard it is!

I know that sounds horrible, but I am being as honest as I can about who I am and what I know will happen!

So anyway, I looked around under the sink and found tons of things under there that were harsh and could potentially kill us if we were to be dumb enough to ingest them. And the one thing that I found that was natural was the 2 big bottles of lemon juice that I have under there...Lemon juice?? Yes, I pour that down the drain every now and then with some baking soda to clean the drains and make them smell nice...it works, and hey, its GREEN!!

I also found my Mr. Clean floor wash, and I know that I wont be giving that up any time soon. He smells so good, and its easier than making my own!! If anyone can come up with a CHEAP, natural way to wash floors, bring it on!!

In the pantry I have started to buy less junk food, and more products that have to sit on the counter or in the fridge. If it goes bad, its good for you.

I try to limit the amount of chips, cookies and candy in the house, but those dreaded holiday seasons that mass produce the stuff make it hard to resist! But who am I kidding, I just went grocery shopping today and there were more than a few of those things in my cart!

But anyway, I do buy more fresh foods and things that are considered healthy. My kids actually would rather eat fresh fruits than junk, most of the time. Ice-cream just happens to be the family favorite, so if I could find a way to make that more natural and green we would be doing good!

So today while I was at the store I decided to buy some potting soil and try to plant my own herbs. Hhmmm...

I love to cook and I use ALOT of herbs to season my dishes, but sometimes they can be pretty costly. I often wondered what the fresh stuff tasted like versus the dried products you get from the grocery store. And who knows what is actually in them. I don't know if its natural or not, or if they are just telling us that to get us to buy it.

In my effort to go more healthy I will try my best to keep these little fellas alive and watered. I want to see if I actually have a green thumb or if last years 2 tomatoes were just a fluke. So now that I have my herbs planted, here's to praying that they survive and taste good!!

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