Straight away from sitting up in my bed, my four year old asks me to play with him. Uugghhh, I haven't even had my morning coffee yet, o...

Oh Happy Day!!

Straight away from sitting up in my bed, my four year old asks me to play with him. Uugghhh, I haven't even had my morning coffee yet, or had a chance to go to the restroom. But I smile and tell him, 'yeah, in a minute'. So I get up and do all the morning things I do, make some eggs and toast, and scarf that down. Its time to play. I head into his room to see it littered with toys, clothes, his bed linens and pillows. My first reaction was, 'Caleb, you need to get this mess cleaned up!' But I look past all that to see a little boy who is beyond excited that I am in there about to play pirates with him.
He is the captain of course, I am supposed to be his helper fighting off other pirates who want to take over our ship (his bed), and make sure no fairy's (his sister) enter into our watered territory.
 As I am wielding my gun into the open seas shooting at the invisible ship loading its cannons, I am actually having FUN!! I will be honest, I don't usually like to play that much with the kids like this. I do it, but not as often as they would like me to. The house always seems to keep me occupied and well, a 14 month old toddler who still is nursing takes up the most time. But today I woke up in a rather good mood and decided I was going to have a good day, so I allowed myself to be like a little kid again. I am thinking I should do this more often, I feel really good right now.
My son had the chance and was enjoying yelling at me, he was the captain and had that right!! And I enjoyed being the captains helper who sometimes just didn't listen to the rules. I hope that he learned a valuable lesson while we were playing, but I seriously doubt that. He was to busy shooting at sharks and that fairy who finally made her way into the ship carrying a magic wand. I am surprised she didn't have on her play heels! But even if he didn't catch the lesson in my defiance, we still had an amazing time.
I did have to walk the plank a couple of times, and was sent to swab the deck so maybe, just maybe he understands the nature of cause and effect. But even if he didn't get it, I still had an awesome time playing. And seeing his smiling face made me realize how blessed I am to have these kids, and yes, I need to spend more play time with them. That will be my new goal this year. Starting today, there are going to be alot more happy days!!

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