This weekend was a great weekend. We had BBQ, we had family, but best of all, I had a Memorial Day talk with my young kids. We talked a...

A Wonderful Weekend


This weekend was a great weekend. We had BBQ, we had family, but best of all, I had a Memorial Day talk with my young kids.

We talked about what Memorial Day is all about. Not the cooking, not the parties, not just a celebration. It is truly all about the soldiers who fought for our freedom and lost their lives. We have a day to remember them and their sacrifice, their families sacrifice.

I also talked about the freedoms we have in this country versus other countries, and how the soldiers made that possible. I want them to be aware that there are children in other countries who do not have the luxuries they do. They got a lesson on being thankful and appreciative for what they have and the privileges they receive that other kids don't.

I think it really hit home with them when we drove by a neighboring towns visitor center that had flags flying in respect for Memorial Day. My young gun asked why those where there. So the talk started over, and I explained why we fly the flag. He wanted to know if those soldiers died, so I told him yes that some of them do. He became real quiet.

To wrap up our talk, I explained to my kids (7&5) that they will no longer complain about no getting this, or not liking that. Or fussing about what I make for dinner...etc, because there are kids in other countries who don't get even a fraction of what they get. (I love those learning times!)

It was told that if they complained about what food I made, I would remove their plate from the table and replace it with a plate full of dirt, water and they could make mud cakes for their dinner, their choice.

And if they complained about what I bought and are not appreciative, they would get it taken away and donated to a shelter!!

So my fellow readers, I may seen harsh, I may seem mean, but I want my kids to grow up against the grain that main society has created. I want to ask those who are with me to help me come up with a good lesson for them...
If they complain about not getting the toy(or whatever) and throw a fit about it, what should be the lesson taught, how should I go about doing something proactive to teach that lesson??
Example: I was thinking that I would go ahead and buy it then donate that particular item to a shelter/orphanage...what are your thoughts???


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  1. What a great post! It's so important to teach every generation about our amazing country and the amazing veterans that fight bravely to protect our freedoms! New follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  2. You are breath of fresh air. Many parents are too caught up about not depriving their children that they forget to teach them life lessons and what they should be thankful for (ie., their freedom) and instead remind of them what they do not deserve.

    Found you on bloghop and now I"m your newest follower!

    - Jamie @Beauty and the Gamer

  3. Hi found you on blog follower...hope u follow me back..