Ice Cream Dessert Pie

10:59 AM

I did not think to take a picture of this yummy goodness before I took it off to a party, but I bet you can imagine what it would look like. This can be made any way you would like it!! And its so easy that anyone can make it...all you need is:

1- pudding mix (any flavor)
1- carton ice cream (any flavor)
crust-you can do graham cracker crust, cookie crusts or anything that you like!!
1- cool whip

Make up your pudding with the milk. Add your ice cream and beat together with pudding. Layer ontop of crust, freeze. When you are ready to serve, set out to soften a bit and add cool whip on top. You could freeze the cool whip on it too, but I do not like how it melts into pools of liquid. I like the fluffyness of cool whip and will wait until ready to serve.
This dessert is creamy and oh so good. I used chocolate fudge pudding, half vanilla ice cream, and half chocolate ice cream with oreo cookie crumbs for a crust.

A friend used ritz crackers as a crust and pastachio pudding, vanilla ice cream. Any combinations would work!! So next time you need a good dessert and dont want to spend tons of time on it, try this!!

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