I am about to spill some major unwanted bean spillage, but I think I am big girl enough to not really care to much anymore about what people...

Big Changes Ahead

I am about to spill some major unwanted bean spillage, but I think I am big girl enough to not really care to much anymore about what people think of me, and I do not mean this in a snobby sort of way.

As a Christian, I was hit by some major conviction these last few weeks, and we all know how much we love that!! And I wanted to share what happened and what my plans are to make it right with the Lord.

First, I must be truly humble, and this in itself is not hard, but baring a part of myself I usually do not share is a bigger piece of humble pie than I really want!! But here goes!!...We are on food stamps.

Whew...there, I said it. Don't get me wrong, I am not ashamed, or judgemental about it, I just try not to tell people about it because there are many people out there that are ashamed and would not be caught dead with a food stamp card in their hands. Trust me, I know they are out there. I watched a show once where a lady went so far as to wear a scarf and sunglasses to a food bank so no one would recognize her, and the other lady went to another town to shop so no one would recognize her when she pulled out her card....come on people!! It's not a disease!!

But anyway back to what I was saying, my family of five survives off one income and we get food stamps for the time being. And I was convicted about buying things that I did not need to be buying. Like, I don't need 2 bags of potato chips, and I don't need 3 bottles of Dr. Pepper. There are so many things we could be doing without and/or substituting. I am not saying that we cannot have those things at times, but I was going a little over board.

This came to my attention when one day I was at the check out counter behind this lady who had her cart, actually 2 carts full of nothing but junk food. This to me would include frozen pizza, frozen entrees, frozen snacks and chips, cookies, etc. (I do eat these things sometimes!). This lady had her cart full of this junk, and one cart had nothing but cases of soda stacked inside. I was like wow!! Then I started to really see what was in her cart, bags of candy bars, chips, cookies, all the frozen meals and things. I was then in my head judging this woman about how big she was and how disgusting this was and no wonder she was so big.

But that is not all. There were a few real things in her cart. Like about 7 or more packs of steaks. Dude!!! When she pulled out her food stamp card I was pissed!! Not because she had food stamps, because as I just told you, I have them too. But there is no need to be getting all that junk. So was wasting the money that was given her to provide for her family on junk food. Instead of cooking homemade meals, she was microwaving them!! And soda is expensive, especially if you are buying them by the case, and name brand!

After this I started couponing, shopping ads, price matching and making my stamps go really far. I did not want to be like that!! So some months went by and I forgot all about that woman, and my life went on. Then something changed, I got lazy and stopped couponing. Then I stopped ad matching, then I stopped shopping ads. Before I knew it I was buying bags of candy, more soda than we needed, and other things that we normally do not buy or use.

So one day after I ran out of my food stamps 2 weeks before I would get more I was like, 'where did I go wrong?' That's when I started looking in my pantry. I was disgusted with what I saw. I prayed and asked the Lord to forgive me and I went on a 3 day junk food fast. So for the next 2 weeks I have to deal with what choices I had made and will be eating out of the groceries I had bought.

After this experience I have decided that I will be couponing, shopping ads, and sales and I will be more wise with what I have. Being a good steward of what the Lord has given me. These are some tough lessons in life to learn, but they do serve a purpose. I know better now that God is a God who gives, and Who takes away. I am thankful we get the help we need, but I need to be more careful about how I use those provisions. I do not want to be one of those people who take advantage of the system and use it for all it has. My family will not be on food stamps forever, but I certainly do not want to be the family who ruins it for the next family who may need it one day.

Be wise, be diligent, be thoughtful of that you do with what you have!!

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