I feel like my laundry looks like this....it really doesn't, this is a borrowed photo!! But I FEEL like it looks like that!! It's ...

Piles of Blessings

I feel like my laundry looks like this....it really doesn't, this is a borrowed photo!! But I FEEL like it looks like that!! It's a never ending cycle!! Today I determined that I was going to tackle that pile of garments that are hiding monsters in it, and get it all done....3 hours later, I put a small dent into it! I feel proud, but I have a long way to go!!

This weekend we had our first annual Fall Festival and even though we did not have a great turn out, I feel like I accomplished something!! I love that healthy proud feeling you get when you know you did something good and other people were blessed by it....hummm, there is a thought!! Ok Lord, have your way with me!! I feel a sermon coming on!! Here goes.....

I need to get that mentality that even thought the pile of stinky clothes never really goes away completely, my family is being blessed by me getting off my butt and handling up on it!! Man, that was hard to swallow!!

I know I get the "stinkin thinkin" attitude alot and have thoughts like "whats the point", or "I don't feel like doing it right now"....there are times, ok, alot of times I think, "I will get to it later, or tomorrow"....that just makes the pile grow larger and the motivation dwindle!!

The thing that helps me with any type of house work is knowing that my husband comes home and feels like this is his sweet place of rest. He cannot do that in a house full of clutter!! Guess I better clean off the enterainment center!! Man, I hate it when I start preaching to myself!!

 And if that is not motivation enough, and at times it is not!!! I think about the verse in the Bible that tells me to "do all things as unto the Lord," Colossians 3:23, I pretend that Jesus is here at my kitchen table watching me work and inspecting what it is I am doing. This really works, and this also helps me to pray while I am working!! I aim to please my Lord and Savior and if house work is my ministry to my family, then I best do it to the fullest of my ability!!


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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I work f/t and my husband doesn't get home until 9pm, so I'm left to do all the cleaning, dinner, laundry and entertaining. Praying definitely helps me get through it some days! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I look forward to following yours :)

  2. yes praying helps with everything!! Thanks for visiting and following!!

  3. AH, my laundry looked similar to this this weekend!! So overwhelming at times! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments!

  4. my laundry looks like this almost always!! Just being honest!! LOL!!