Tea Tree Oil Lice Treatment

11:19 AM

Ok, so I know this is disgusting and embarrassing but at some point most of us go through it...my child received some head friends...you know, those nasty parasites that love clean hair!! Dont make me say it!!             LICE!!

After crying and being depressed I got online and googled everything I could about those nasty critters. I so did not want to spend a fortune on pesticide chemicals that could harm my child, so I looked for home remedies. And this is what I found...

At the Head Lice Center they say Tea Tree Oil works wonders. There are some great tips and recipes on this site and how to treat this dreaded bug infestation. Here is another site that talks about the benefits of Tea Tree Oil and lice.

I found some great home remedies on how to shampoo and treat all of our hair, most of them come from threads and I choose what would work best for me and my daughter. We went with....

1 cup of olive oil and 20 drops tea tree oil~ we soaked our hair for 3 hours...wrapped it up in plastic wrap then a shower cap over that. I bought a couple cute bandanas from the store for a buck!! I did not want anyone knocking on our door and answering with all that plastic wrap on my head!! They would think I was crazy or something!!

Then after the 3 hours, I washed our hair in flea, tick and lice shampoo for kittens. Then I re-washed in Dawn dish soap, then rinsed in vinegar.

I also read putting Tea Tree Oil into your shampoo helps kill lice and prevents them!! Here is how to do that!! Here is another site that explains why this is effective.

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  1. New GFC follower from Mingle with Us blog hop. Oh, I remember our whole class getting lice in 1st grade, not a good time.


  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    You need to participate in a contest for among the finest blogs on the web. I'll advocate this web site!

  3. No I cried when I seen it, I hate to think about it and still crawl when I do think about it!! I can only imagine what you were thinking when the whole class had it!! Passing it back and forth!

  4. Tea tree is great. I love essential oils!


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