This is what happens when a 2 year old spills grape juice onto the table then swings his arm across the kitchen gets a grape ...

Oh Grape!!!


This is what happens when a 2 year old spills grape juice onto the table then swings his arm across the kitchen gets a grape bath!!

When I walked into seeing him spill the juice on the table, I was thinking that I would just remove him from the scene and clean up the mess, but as I was approaching he decided the mess wasn't big enough and WOOSH!!! It went flying!

I screamed "Brayden!! What are you doing!!???" The giggles pursued. That kid....I couldn't help but laugh myself. Do not think me one of those moms that let their kids get away with everything and laughs everything off. But if you knew the week that I had just faced, you would know why I laugh.

My week started off Saturday night when my youngest started coughing keeping everyone and himself awake, then Sunday he was running a fever.
Sunday night he was barking like a seal, running a fever and keeping everyone awake. Monday morning we were on the phone with the doctors office who said to take him to the ER because he had a fever of 104.8 and the croupy cough. Monday we arrived at the ER at 9:30am and did not leave until 1:30pm. They poked and prodded him, gave him breathing treatments and observed him. Then we had to go to the pharmacy to get meds and a nebulizer to continue breathing treatments at home. Of course the store of choice did not have the machine so we had to pack ourselves back into the car and go somewhere else....and wait. I finally made it home at about 3:00pm. That evening we went to be at 8:00pm, and at 10:30pm we were back en route to the ER, the baby woke up frenzied and disoriented, he was screaming and falling over, and I was terrified!! I thought he was having a reaction to the steroids and/or the breathing treatments he had gotten at the hospital. We arrived there at 11:00pm and did not leave there until 1:30pm. We waited 45 minutes before the doctor even came in, and after only 5 minutes he said it was just a panic attack and to please wait 5 more minutes and we could go home after he draws up the discharge papers....5 minutes turned into one hour!!! Tuesday morning was taking him to see his regular doctor for a follow up. That alone is a 2 hour ordeal. I am exhausted!!!

This is just this last week, I wont bore you with the last 3 MONTHS of chaos lovely fun that I have endured!!

It's amazing the way a child can laugh when they make a mess of things, giggling like nothing is wrong. I know I can learn a lesson from my 2 year old about not taking things so seriously, even if the mess looks big!! In his little mind he knew that momma was going to clean up that mess and he had nothing to worry about!! There is great wisdom knowing that whatever mess we make our Heavenly Father will always be there to help us clean up the mess!!

I was on the phone with a friend as my child redecorated my kitchen and I told her what had just happened, she said 'Oh Great.' I laughed and said, "No, it's oh grape!!"

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  1. Oh no grape indeed! At least it wasn't on carpet!

  2. OMG! I was on the phone with you when this happened and you made it sound like a massacre!!! It was not that bad! Love ya but your a drama queen LOL =)

  3. Hugs from the Tuesday "Hugs"day Hop!


  4. LOL ~ I can absolutely relate!
    Saying hello from Tuesday "Hugs" Day!