With the start of the New Year I am going to have a face lift. Not just a small nip and tuck, but a major overhaul. I want to get rid of all...

Face Lift

With the start of the New Year I am going to have a face lift. Not just a small nip and tuck, but a major overhaul. I want to get rid of all those wrinkles that seem to distract me. I have major saggy bags hanging around all over the place. I am ready to go under the knife!

Not me silly!!! My blog!!

I have been working with my best bloggy {is that a word??} friend and cousin, Danielle from Unorganized Designs  re-designing my blog. We have been working together for some time now nipping and tucking here and there trying to get it perfect. We take a little off here, add some there...She has been very patient with me as I am very indecisive and picky!! I know if the roles were reversed I would have fired me as a client long ago. This just shows her hard work, dedication and commitment to her work, for which I am very grateful. Guess I need to buy her a drink!! {orange juice do ya?}

I am hoping that with the new look my blog gives a real reflection of who I am. I am vintage chic, but with the way the mirror reflects now it seems a bit old fashioned. I know its new because I just revamped a while back, but all I did was apply some makeup to a bare face. A band-aid to a scrape.

My face lift is going to freshen me up, give me some new inspiration, and provide me a joyful place to challenge my inner being. I am hopeful that you will stick with me after this, I want us to become friends encouraging each other along the way!!

Tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 8th I will launch my new look! I am so excited, and to celebrate this New Year, this new look, this new me....I am going to giveaway 3 Medium size ad spaces on my blog!!! I know, I know, I shouldn't have, but hey, what a better way to celebrate than have friends come over and join me!!

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  1. THanks for your comment on my blog and for visiting!

  2. Aloha Sweets,

    Stopping in to say hi and follow you from the Monday Mingle. Oooh what a wonderful way to start 2013 off right!! love it, and congrats on the blog face lift.

    If you're up for a bit of a ride, come join me at Local Sugar Hawaii . We're riding this silly little wave called life, together. You're welcome. Anytime.


  3. Hi there! I'm Hanna. I found your blog on the Monday Mingle!!! New follower here! Great blog:) Happy new year! You can find me anytime at


    xoxoxo Hanna

  4. Hahah, you had me there in the beginning, I'm a new subscriber, found you on the blog roll.... I love your writing style, maybe we can follow each other and you can give me writing tips. Lol