Step 2 of De-cluttering Your Home     We have tackled step one which was super easy, making a list of rooms, items that you want to t...

De-clutter Your Home Step 2


Step 2 of De-cluttering Your Home

We have tackled step one which was super easy, making a list of rooms, items that you want to tackle. Then you made a list of things you would need and what you were going to do with those items once you moved them!!
Now that you have done that, now its time to move onto a harder process. This one may take the most time!! If you are emotionally attached to your things it may be an even longer process.
Here is a word of wisdom, just because it was a gift does not make you morally obligated to keep it. If it is something that you WANT to keep, then do not get rid of it, UNLESS it is taking up to much room and space and that makes you stressed out.
You will need to get 4 boxes. Most people will tell you to get 3, but I am being lenient with you.
One box will be keep, one will be throw away, one will be donate, and the last one will be unsure.
What needs to go into each box:
KEEP: anything you use all the time, important papers, items you absolutely love.
THROW AWAY: trash, things you do not want but are not donateable. Please think about how you would feel if someone gave you that item all ripped up, stained or just plain ugly....
DONATE: these are in good condition, things people would enjoy having. This box could also be a garage sale box. Things you could make some extra spending money on!! That is always a good idea!!
UNSURE: these are going to be things that you are attached to but you know you can do without. Let these things sit for a while and allow yourself to emotionally detach from them. Tell yourself that you are going to get rid of it, but not yet. Reminisce about the memories that item brings you. If you want you can even put it in your journal so you always have those memories. Take a picture of the item and put it next to the entry if it will help, then the process of getting rid of it wont hurt so much.
The point of these exercises is not to hurt you, just clean up your home and free yourself from the love of things!!
I will tell you, I did all this and now I feel great!! i downsized my closet to about 10 tops, 8 skirts, 4 jackets/coats, 4 church dresses. I can breath now, I am not struggling to find an outfit, wasting time trying to mix and match this outfit! "What am I going to wear??!!" that is a thing of the past! I only kept what I KNOW I will wear and the items I always wear.
I got rid of my 15 cookbooks and kept my favorite 5. The few recipes I used all the time out of the others I wrote down in my own little black notebook, now I have every recipe I use in one spot!!
Go back to your list and pick a spot/room. Evaluate the items and place them in the appropriate box. If you need to take a few days, then go ahead and take all the time you need!!!

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