Bathroom De-cluttering Guide   The bathroom is a very important room in the house, I do not know how the pioneers survived or how the A...

De-Cluttering the Bathroom


Bathroom De-cluttering Guide

The bathroom is a very important room in the house, I do not know how the pioneers survived or how the Amish do it now! When I was 7 months pregnant with my last child my Mother-in-Law, her boyfriend and I decided to visit the Amish community to buy some goods in the shops. I had to pee so bad, I was already on the verge of getting a bladder infection so I did not want to hold it any longer....the only option was an outhouse out back. I waddled out there about to bust, step inside, shut the door, and walked right back out gagging and about to vomit....needless to say, I would take that bladder infection any day over that!!
Ok, enough about me!!
When we think of all the germs that float around in the bathroom we know we need some heavy duty cleaners to kill those germs. But do we need all those cleaners under the cabinet??  NO!!  Are they alternatives you can make instead that work just as well?? YES!! You can find some great recipes right here if you want to make your own!
Look under your cabinets, how long have you had those items that have not been used? Throw it away or put it in the front so that is what you reach for when you get under there again.
In the bathtub there are so many bottle, bars, tubes, whatever all over the lip of tub. In the shower caddie the same thing! Do you need all those shampoos? Chances are they are there because you bought it and you didn't like it, or you got trapped into that commercial that said you had to try this so you did. Are any of them almost empty, half used or completely empty? If you can, combine them together and throw away all those empty bottles. Better yet, save one and wash it out and make your own shampoo!! Here are some great recipes on how to do that!!
I will never, ever tell you that only a few rolls of toilet paper need to be in there! My bathroom cabinets are full of toilet paper! Toilet paper is as essential as air! I buy on sale and stock up when I can! Yes, that may be the hoarder in me coming out, but no one said I was perfect!
Slivers of soap left can be shaved down to make your own soap, that is called re- batching. I have a recipe for that too!!
Towels and wash rags can overflow and if laundry never gets done in your house because there is so much of it, consider throwing out the old one. Or cut them up into smaller squares and use as dish rags, dust rags or scraps for craft projects. You may even be able to donate those to local shelters or sell them if they are in good condition. Someones trash can always be someone else's treasure!!
Decorations on the counters, walls and any shelves can be overwhelming if there are to many. They can be nice to look at, set the tone and theme for the room and be a nice for your guest to view, but beware of going overboard. Clean, simple and elegant. A little goes a long way!!
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