Kids Room De-cluttered     Kids rooms can be a place of great stress when time to clean, de-clutter and organize. Maybe not all kids ...

De-cluttering a kids room


Kids Room De-cluttered

Kids rooms can be a place of great stress when time to clean, de-clutter and organize. Maybe not all kids rooms, just mine!!
There are toys, books, clothes, anything and everything in between.
I am so blessed, we get tons of hand me downs from kids from church, family members and lets not forget those birthdays and holidays that come every few months at my house! We get tons of clothes, shoes, toys, books, games. We want for nothing! {My God supplies all my needs!!}
BUT when it is time to clean out all the old, unused or things that are to small it can be a pain in my neck!!
There are a few things that I will not get rid of, books and clothes my other kids can wear are some of those items. I cannot get rid of things that will be of good use later on!!
Here are my tips for de-cluttering and organizing your child's room.
1-Bring in a trash can, throw away all unnecessary papers- for whatever reason my kids store these kind of things under the bed, in the desk drawers...hehehehe....KIDS!!!
2-Get the kids involved if you can or if it will not interfere with your work....ask them if they want this item, what will they do with it, can they think of something they would rather have later on instead, do they know someone who can use this item they can give it to??
{This makes them feel like they have a part in helping, this will also teach them to give to others in needs and be mindful of this when they buy later in life}
3-If you plan to have a yard sale have them give you items they want to sell. Let them help you tell the customer all about the item, this may help persuade that older lady to buy it when she sees your child had some attachment to it....hehehe
4-Get a bookshelf that will hold all the books, nick knacks your kids likes to collect. I use the bottom 2-3 shelves for books, the top ones for items I do not want the younger ones to get is a multi tasking shelf!
5-If you can get your hands on them, use milk crates to store books, toys, whatever you like in them...paint them if you need glue some fabric on the outside/inside to make them match the room....
6-Have the kids try on the clothes in front of you to see if they fit or not....sell them or donate them to others if in good condition.
7-If you have kids sharing a room, bunk beds may be your best bet. If you cannot do this or do not need to make sure you utilize that empty space under the bed to make more floor space.
Shoe boxes, plastic containers, shoe organizers can all be placed under the bed.
8-Go through the toys, throw away ones that are severely broken that cannot still safely be played with. If they have neglected a toy and no longer want it, donate it or sell it. Get rid of as many toys as possible without depleting their toy supply, you do not want to replace them!!
My son like to collect things, A LOT!! So every now and then we have to go through his collection and ask him if he still wants to keep those things. He changes what he collects often so we do this often. To store his collection we re-use the plastic containers we get from our local chinese restaurant. These are great, microwave and dishwasher safe so we keep and re-use them all the time...
I hope this has helped you in your quest to de-clutter, if you can think of some other great tips please share with me!!!

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