Kitchen De-cluttering   We are going to tackle the kitchen in steps. This is the biggest room or the room with the most things! This wi...

De-cluttering the Kitchen


Kitchen De-cluttering

We are going to tackle the kitchen in steps. This is the biggest room or the room with the most things! This will probably be the most time consuming room so for me this would be either the first room to tackle or the very last, it is up to you on which approach you take.
The first thing you need to do is get your 4 boxes ready.
Then decide where you want to start. I would not advise just going in head first and unloading all your cabinets, drawers and pantry at one time. Pick one cabinet and empty it out and deal with that one before moving on.
Ok so here are some tips when cleaning out your spice cabinet. Check the dates on your bottles, if they are out of date, just go on and pitch them. They have lost all their flavor anyhow so they will be of no use to you! If you have multiple bottles that are in date and you know you will not be using them up before they go out of date, put them in the donate box. You can then give them to friends and family who will use them. Or if your yard sale is coming real soon, sell them cheap! If you have multiple bottles of the same thing open, try to condense down into one bottle and throw out the empty bottle.
When going through your silverware drawer- you can leave out the amount of forks, spoons, etc of the number of family members you have. This insure you wash your dishes everyday!! I would not get rid of the extras, you may have company or large dinners at your home, just put them in a Ziploc bag or plastic container and put them up with all your holiday dishes {if you have them} or put in your pantry.
If going through your cooking utensils- if you do not know what it is used for, get rid of it. Or you can go online and find out! Then put it to use! If you have 10 spatulas, do you really need that many? Will 3 or 4 work just as well? How about just 2? Donate any that are in good condition. Throw away all the gnarly ones. Same goes for all the other utensils that are overflowing in that drawer.
When you go through your pantry- check the dates, throw away all outdated foods. Donate multiples you will not use in time, giving to friends or family. Local food pantry's would love to have your extras!! If you have it in there, its not out of date but you don't know what you will do with it, check out ideas online. If you don't feel up to it, just donate it!! Same concept applies for your refrigerator and freezer.
Appliances- extra can openers? Donate, sell or giveaway good ones. Throw away old ones that no one will want. Clean them up, and try to ask yourself when the last time you used that juicer. What about that meat slicer you got for your anniversary? You are  not morally obligated to keep something just because it was a gift!! Donate, sell or just get rid of extra clutter!!
What about cookbooks? Do you seriously need 15? Why not take your favorite recipes and write them down in a notebook and sell the books to others who do not mind clutter?
The more things the get rid of the more space you will create to maybe place some of those appliances you want to keep but may not use everyday under a cabinet. All I have on my counter tops is a coffeemaker and a utensil holder, a basket for fruit and one glass jar for my clothes pins {bag clips}.
Now that we have gone through almost everything in the kitchen, look at your walls. How many pictures, mirrors, clocks have you got up there?? Does it add to the decor of your kitchen or is there way to many? Think about which ones you like best and sell the others. Less is way more when it comes to visual appeal.
Ok, I think I have gotten everything. If you can think of something I didn't, go ahead and de-clutter it!!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! My Hubby likes to keep EVERYTHING! He thinks he will find a use for it eventually, and that spices last forever :)

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  2. What a great post! I feel like my kitchen is the one place I can never really organize all that well... With trying to unpack groceries with a baby who wants all my attention, things just go wherever, and I usually find stuff I was looking for much later than when I needed it:) Found you on the Meet & Greet Blog Hop!

  3. I'm on a decluttering mission myself over here and this post is well-timed. I am finding the decluttering really liberating but a bit frightening as well... I'm scared I'm going to throw something out and then need it in a week!

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  6. If there is anything I need in my life, it's organization, for sure! To be honest, reading through this post exhausted me. But it also inspired me, too. So I must keep following!

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  8. Thank you everyone for the comments, I try to answer everyone individually, but for some reason I cannot. So thanks everyone, I will be adding other rooms real soon, check back often!!

  9. These are some great tips! I desperately need to de-clutter and organize my kitchen.

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