How Much Is To Much?? For the past few years the question I ask myself is "How many gifts should I buy each kid for Christmas?&quo...

Going Overboard??


How Much Is To Much??

For the past few years the question I ask myself is "How many gifts should I buy each kid for Christmas?" Well, I think I finally answered that question.
Well, not really. But we did set a budget and spend the exact same amount on each kid, and usually we end up close to the same amount of presents. I have wanted to really drill into my kids Christmas is NOT about santa or the amount of presents you get....its about JESUS CHRIST!!
Over the last few years I have been bombarded with earlier and earlier advertising for Christmas. The stores are now setting out there merchandise in early October!! SERIOUSLY!!! That's just madness. I have also seen people buying earlier and earlier and spending more and more.
I cannot fathom what a typical Christmas tree looks like on Christmas morning. But I can be sure that there was a lot of stress and money involved in getting all those gifts!! Now I am not trying to make anyone feel bad if you splurge and buy lots of things for your kids. But is it really necessary? What is the message sent to the kids?
This time of year we should focus more on Jesus and what His life means to us, not on all the commercial hype the "world" wants us to focus on. Now please, don't get me wrong, I get just as much of a thrill finding that special gift and spending money like the rest of you do. I am just saying that there is a reason these major companies market to us so early!! They know what they are doing and it works! That's why they do it!
But be aware that all that time, money and stress we as consumers put on ourselves trying to create that perfect Christmas morning we all see in the movies, well, it isn't going to happen!!
So back to my original question, "How much is to much?"
I think that depends on the family.
How much you can afford, how many kids you have, how many extended family members you have to buy for...things like that.
For us, we try to limit the dollar amount, and we usually stick to 4-5 gifts each.
Whatever your family decides to do this year for Christmas is totally up to you, just remember...

Jesus is the reason for the season!!!


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