Angelica and it's uses Other common name: Archangel  Part used: leaves, stems, seeds, roots Culinary use: yes Medicinal...



Angelica and it's uses

Other common name: Archangel 

Part used: leaves, stems, seeds, roots

Culinary use: yes

Medicinal use: yes

Angelica grows to 4-8 ft tall in rich moist soil in full sun. It has hollow stems and large pale green leaves. You can plant this from seed {in Aug} or from dividing the roots and placing into pots or the ground. 

To harvest you will need to dig up the roots {in the fall} wash and dry them before storing in an airtight container.  Leaves and stems can be collected in June, and seed heads harvested in late summer. The seeds need to be completely dried before storage in air tight on a paper towel in warm area.

The active ingredients in Angelica are the essential oils that collect in the roots and seeds as well as glycosides, organic acids, bitters, tannins, and sugars; which with all these combined give this plant excellent digestive tonic, antispasmodic, and expectorant properties. 

Culinary Uses

Angelica is used in Scandinavian dishes; it has a musky, bittersweet taste. 
The dried seeds and stems are used in some liqueurs {Benedictine and Chartreuse} because of the essential oils. 
And in some places the leaves and young stems are sugared and used as decorations for cakes and pastry.
You can blanch young shoots and use in salads, use the leaves and stalks in marinades.
Use the leaves to recipes for fruit tarts, like rhubarb. They cut the acidity and their sweetness allows you to reduce the amount of sugar you will use.

Medicinal Uses

Infused dry or fresh roots helps cough and helps lower fevers.
Infused dry or fresh roots also eases digestion after eating rich food {think Thanksgiving pies!!} by stimulating the gastric juices. Also relieves nausea. 
Add fresh or dried root to hot bath water to relieve rheumatic pain.

I am not a doctor, I am not a licensed herbalist....I am just interested and study through books and online the uses- household, beauty and medicinal uses for the plants and herbs that I post about. Please do not try anything, any recipes, any tips and tricks without prior approval from your doctor, as some of these herbs and plants can have an adverse effect with prescription medicines.

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