How To Decipher Cleaning Product Labels

By ~Brandy~ - 12:00 AM

Danger, Warning, Caution-What Do They Mean?

We all have to clean our homes but the problem is the chemicals inside all those cleaning products. We should know how to read the labels on the back of the products and know which ones are safe and which ones we should avoid buying. I am going to help you decipher what they mean. 

Most cleaning products will have one of these on the label: Warning, Caution, or Danger.

When a label says “Danger” or “Poison” you should know that is highly toxic and extremely flammable, and is fatal if swallowed! You will find that on chlorine bleach products, toilet bowl, oven and drain cleaners. These should be stored high out of reach of children and preferably locked up.

If you see “Warning” on a label this means it is moderately toxic. It may say highly flammable, and inhaling the contents can be harmful or fatal. Accidental ingesting even one teaspoon can be life-threatening. Keep these locked up and away from your babies also. 

A “Caution” label means mildly to moderately toxic. The majority of household cleaning products carry this label including many eco-friendly ones. 

Now that we know what we are looking for on the back of the label, it is best to look for products that are made with plant based ingredients instead of petroleum based ingredients. Also look for items that are labeled biodegradable and that are scented with essential oils or unscented products. Try to find packaging that can easily be recycled, refillable and for products that are ultra concentrated . 

Your very best solution to keep you, your children and your home safe is to make your own cleaning products. Here are some really good ones, that are tried, test and effective. 

Happy, Safe cleaning!!

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