To Love a Stranger: Book Review

1:24 PM

Colleen Coble takes you on an emotional journey in To Love a Stranger. 

Bessie Randall is thrust into a new life because her sister takes things too far in writing love letters to men looking for wives. Bessie's sister uses her name to make these transactions and even signs a marriage license in her name. 

Bessie is sure she must keep the marriage even despite her fears. Jasper, the unsuspecting spouse is awaiting a beautiful wife, what he gets instead is Bessie- who is plain. 

The marriage is off to a rocky start from the beginning. Instead of annulling the marriage right away, they are called to move into Utah territory by the military. They will decide what to do when they get there. 

All along the way they encounter Indians, obstacles and even...attraction??
But what throws some real kinks into life is Bessie finds a newborn infant in the middle of the desert with her dead mother, making an instant family...or do they?

Once they arrive at their new location they must decide what to do with the marriage. In the struggle to honor God's Word and see what happens, may challenges draw them together. 

Bessie gets bit by a rattlesnake while Jasper is away at work, the baby gets kidnapped and Jasper starts having second thoughts about sending Bessie away.

I will be honest, I cried many times throughout this book. It's a great tool to show the true meaning of love!!

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