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October 12, 2012

My dishwasher was acting up so I called the maintenance man to come look at it. The things that he told me about how to keep the life of your appliances going was great!! I was shocked to know that everything I was doing to my dishwasher and washing machine was WRONG!!!

First off, this man is in his 60's and he told me he has been working on these appliances his whole life, so I think the man knows what he is talking about!!

The worst soap you can use in your dishwasher is any type of gel....brand wise, Palmolive!! He also advises that you fill each soap container only half way, but do fill them both. All this time I have only filled the one. The best brand he said to use was Cascade powder. So after I finish using my bottle of gel Palmolive, I will be switching. Being frugal and all I asked about off brands, he told me that soap is one of those items you get what you pay for and it was better to spend the extra money on the good soap. You do not have to use as much either!!

I took the opportunity to quiz the heck out of this man while he was inside my house...for free!!! I asked about washing machines and the best soap to use and how much, all that jazz. He declared with much conviction that TIDE powder was the best out there!! I said well I cannot afford that is there anything else I could use....he said well, ALL is ok. But after talking to him I rather believe he knows his stuff.

He said that you do not have to use as much as the box says to use, and you MUST wash your clothes in warm water!! All this advertising on cold water soaps is fraud. He said especially if you use fabric softner you must use warm water for the softner to work. If you use cold the softner does not break down and you are essentially just flushing most of it back down the drain!! GOOD TO KNOW!! Any brand is ok to use on this.

Ok, so I make my own laundry soap and told him what I use and he was like yeah that great!! I will share what I use!!

1 box Borax
1 box Washing Soda
1 box Baking Soda
2 bars Fels-Napta-grated finely
2 containers Downy Unstoppables-optional

In the warm water cycle I use 2 Tablespoons!! That is it!! My clothes come out clean and smelling great!! Stains are a thing of the really bad stains I do spray with Shout or rub a bar of Fels-Naptha into it before washing!!!

Good luck and hope that your appliances will thrive now!!

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  2. Thanks for the tips and the great recipe for Laundry Powder (I will have to find the time to do it asap).

    :) Kylie from Random Drawers

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  4. yes this is the best soap I have ever used!

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