Homemade Baby Wipes

November 18, 2012

Ok so I was telling you all a while back that I make my own baby wipes, well I have modified my recipe and could not be more pleased!!! I have done all the figuring and pricing and come up with the cost ratio!!

1 pkg Bounty paper towels (comes in 2 giant rolls=5 reg rolls; select a size) $5.96
1 Tablespoon Baby Oil (any brand; got mine from the Dollar Tree) a few pennies
1 Tablespoon Baby Shampoo (any brand,scent; got mine from the Dollar Tree) pennies
1 cup water; depends on amount of towels, you want them wet not sopping wet

My paper towel wipes....each roll has 193 sheets. I will tear off the smaller size and after I collect the amount I want in my box I will cut these in half!!!


After 2 rolls have been pulled apart and then cut in half I have 772 wipes.
I went to Wal-Mart and priced a box of diapers 700 wipes= $11.98

My homemade paper towels cost me $6.00 and some pennies to make!!! You do the math!!!

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