agnus castus aka chaste tree

December 02, 2013

agnus castus (chaste tree)

This plant has to be one of the best ones out there!!
It's other common names would be chasteberry tree, you may see chaste tree, Indian spice, hemp tree, Abraham's balm, lilac chaste tree, vitex, Texas lilac, chasteberry, monk's pepper or sage tree.
It would be best grown in Zones 6-9. In some areas it may also grow in Zone 5. In the cooler zones it may suffer frost kill each winter, though it usually returns in the spring. It is native to the Mediterranean.
Part of the plant used: the berries   
Culinary uses: none

Ok, onto the good stuff!!

This plant can act as an aphrodisiac! The berries on the plant {the main part to be used} have a progesterone enhancing effect on women's hormones. Hence why you cannot take while pregnant.

This plant can  also be used in treating PMS because it helps with irritability, mood swings, sore breasts, sweet cravings {I need this plant for that alone!!!} and anxiety.

It has also been used to help treat infertility and menopausal symptoms. {This may be good for me to try on my step mother!!!}

The only down side is that you have to take this plant as a tincture and could take up to 25 days to see any results. But hey, if you start now, by the time you reach your next period it may help!!

A little history about agnus castus:
In Ancient Greece, Athenian women cover their couches with the leaves from this tree during rites sacred to their {not really existent} goddess Ceres.

In medieval times the monks would drink the ground berries in wine to weaken sexual feelings {this doesn't make any sense to me being its said to be an aphrodisiac!!}

And young Italian men entering into the monastery would walk over the leaves before entering into a celibate lifestyle. {hummm....again, doesn't make any sense!!}

Ok, now that I have told you all this wonderful information about this plant I will now tell you this:

I am not a doctor, I am not a licensed herbalist....I am just interested and study through books and online the uses- household, beauty and medicinal uses for the plants and herbs that I post about. Please do not try anything, any recipes, any tips and tricks without prior approval from your doctor, as some of these herbs and plants can have an adverse effect with prescription medicines.

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