The Art of Re-gifting

December 13, 2013

Is Re-gifting Appropriate??

Frugality VS. The Scrooge

Every year I am faced with a mountain of gifts to buy for my kids, In-laws, my parents, my siblings, the list goes on and on. But we are on a very limited budget! I ask myself every single year, "How am I going to pull this off???!!!"

Well, do you ever open a gift and think, "I am never going to use that", or what about "That is so ugly, I would never wear that!!"

Well, I have. And then all I can think about is the money they spent to get me that gift. I cannot ever tell that person that the gift they bought me, well, isn't exactly great. So what do you do??
The appropriate thing to do is smile and thank them and carry on with the day. Don't let on that you don't like the item. Think about the joy they got in buying you that item....
Then when you get home you can do whatever you think best. Keep it {well, that's just wasteful!}, store it away and never think about it again {waste of space} or like I always do....RE-GIFT IT!!

Now, I may wait a year or two before I actually will re-gift an item, depending on what it is, who gave it to me, etc. But if its someone unrelated and its something I know a friend would really love, well, guess what!!
I do not think that re-gifting is wrong. In fact, I think its frugal!! Since I am on a tight budget every year, and because I "TRY" to live with only what I will use and absolutely love...if I get something that is...lets say, meeehh...then it goes into a re-gift bag in my closet.
There have been times I have received some really nice things, but they are things that I don't like, things I know I would never use....what is the since of keeping it?? It saves me money and space in the long run. Just remember who gave you the gift and don't re-gift to the person who bought it for you....can you say awkward!!! 
Now, because this has been a frequent occurrence the last few years, I did do the right thing and tell my parents {who were the main offenders}. I had asked if they thought it was hard to find things they think us {grown} kids would like. The answer did not surprise me..."YES"
I could tell with all the small odd and end things that ended up in my car on the way home on Christmas morning!!!
So I suggested we send them a small list of items that we would like to have...and let me tell you!! This was a clutter saver!!!
If you don't have the option of talking to the {how do I say this politely} junk-o-natter...then just be polite and thank them. But consider re-gifting to someone who would love it.
Now, let me touch on the Scrooge gene....
There is nothing wrong with receiving a gift. In fact, it can be such a blessing to get a gift.
I know there are some people by nature who don't like to get things....who don't like to buy things for others....IM MARRIED TO ONE!!!
And those type of people will keep every single gift they get and re-gift it so they don't have to go out and buy something. What a shame!!!
Were is your 'fun bone'??
Its sad but most people like this don't even know the truth about the real reason for the here goes.....

Did you know that you have already received the best gift there is??

You just might not know it!!

But the LIFE, DEATH and RESSURECTION of none other than

Will you accept this gift?? 

Re-gifting can be a blessing to those you gift to and to your pocket book. Don't think people will judge you for it, because they probably secretly do it too!!!
So tell me, what are your thoughts on re-gifting???

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  1. I admit, I have re-gifted quite a few times! If the person I'm giving it to will get use out of it and I won't, then why not? :-) I found your blog through The Great Blog Train! You can check out my blog, Meg’s Menagerie, at Have a great week!!!


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