Heroes of the City Baby App

June 04, 2014

App for Baby- Heroes of the City

My three year old is a Heroes of the City fanatic so we were thrilled to review this app for babies (ages 0-2+). I know my LO is not a baby but he still enjoyed playing the games with his favorite friends. To read my original review, you can go here

The baby app has no ads, is completely free (with no in-app purchases), has 3 animated videos and 4 fun games designed with little ones in mind. I enjoyed playing them myself and watching my LO play them. I especially liked the drawing pad and watching my child's creativity come alive. 

There is a music panel were your little one can play music, turn on windshield wipers and more...it's so cute!

And what about something to stimulate the brain? I am all about fun and play, but I want my kids to learn something in the process. Well there is the shapes game! Once all the blocks have been placed correctly, news ones pop up for another great challenge. 

If you want to download this app for your little one, you can go here and do that!!

And you can also watch vidoes on YouTube like the one below!!

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQIZNADyAdMEWhjM8cq7ROw

This truly is a great app your young children! I would encourage you to check it out for your own little ones!! They will enjoy it, and so will you!!


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