Out of the Rat Race and Into JOY

August 15, 2014

Hi y'all.

Boy o boy, things have gotten a bit hectic, cray-cray and lazy around here.

Right now, I am in getting blog burn out. I know you all have hit that at some point in your careers, and if you have not, you will. And if you have gotten so lucky that you have always enjoyed it, please share how you do it!!

My greatest joy comes from writing, so why am I hitting this lull?? I think that I have lost my focus, changed directions and lost my passion. It was a slow fade, sneaky twists and turns that lead my blog here. I got a thrill from doing certain posts, but then it got overwhelming. The pressure to have a post pushed out because a company wants it ASAP is tough. 

I am just be real here. I'm done. I want to turn in my keys. But the moment I go to hand them over, the light at the end of the tunnels shines out and calls me!! There is so much joy in writing, there is so much joy in making new friends in the blog world. I have made lots of great friends :-)

So I will chug along, I will rethink my program, I will redirect- I WILL NOT QUIT!!

I will stand up and fight for what I love- blogging!

I will not bow down to the sway the internet has on me!

I will not follow the blog crowds- I will be my own person and blog what I love!!

I am a MESSY MOM but I will be WONDERFUL at it- I will be WONDERFULLY MESSY MOM!!

Some things that you can expect from me:

*More real, raw posts about life, faith and love
*Less product review- those are just no fun to write or to read
*More content about heath and wellness from a Christian view
*More inspirational posts- I lost these along the way somewhere :-(
*More DIY recipes
*More Brandy- AKA Wonderfully Messy Mom

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