How to Create a Custom Header For Blogger

September 09, 2014

My last blog tip was to show you how to place  customized social media share buttons onto your sidebar, now we are going to work on creating a custom header for your blogger blog.
It can be simple, or you can make it complex. It is all up to what you want.

For very simple without a custom photo, you can go into PicMonkey and create one using the Facebook Cover option. Those are roughly the size you would need to fit your blog header area. Simple.

But let's say you have a specific photo you want to use, or a vector graphic that you downloaded you want to use. That is more complicated, you will need to use Photo Shop (if you have this) or Pixlr (which is free!!).

I will be using

Open a new image- use proportions of about 800 x 350 transparent.
You can play around with the sizes, you might want it more narrow, or longer.

Now open an image that you want to use.

This is what it will look like. 
Now here are the steps that you need to follow to get that image onto your new header.

1- go to EDIT and click select all
2- go back to EDIT  and click copy
3- Now click on your new header image box to bring it forward.
4- Go back to EDIT and click paste. The image may be extra huge so you will need to,
5- Go to EDIT and click free transform. Size this image to what you want and were you want it.

Now you can add more photos this same way, or you can add text and some background coloring. You can even change this from black to any color. 

Let your creativity flow! You can add as many images as you want!!

Let the look of your blog come out onto the header!!

When you get ready to save your image- save as PNG!!

Have fun creating!!

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  1. wow! So creative! I'm so not tech savvy.

  2. Great tutorial! I have been wanting to update mine and this helps a lot!

  3. Great tutorial Brandy. I'm pinning this for future reference. Cathy

  4. Great tutorial on something all bloggers need. In fact I need to do this.

  5. That is great. I use PicMonkey so not as formal looking, but I don't trust my own artistic skills :-)


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