NIV First Century Study Bible Ebook Review

September 14, 2014

I was super excited to get this ebook because I am really interested in learning history. 

But....yes, there is a but. I was disappointed with it. Maybe it was my Kindle- I do not have but a simple low grade Kindle. It usually works for most books, but I guess not for this intensive book. 

To look up anything took a thousand click through's and was unbearable. Yes, you can go to the index and select the section you want to go to, but trust me, it was not even worth my time to get heavily into this Bible. 

A paper back would be essential for this type of learning. 

Ok, so I have to tell you about the ebook-

You can click from the index to any particular chapter, but cannot select a particular verse. You are having to go through the entire chapter to get to a verse. 

There are 14 different informative maps to choose from, a word study index, model index, and a day in the life index....lots of good information. 

This book would be awesome as a paperback, I would not recommend an ebook version. That is just my opinion.


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