SOBO Age Smoothing Eye Serum Review

September 11, 2014

Age Smoothing and Protection Eye Serum


*Wonderfully Messy Mom received a free product in exchange for a review

SOBO brand uses both natural organic ingredients as well as other powerful ingredients to create anti aging skin care products for women. 

Some of the organic ingredients that SOBO uses is orange flower extract, hops and strawberry oil along with hyaluronic acid, human growth factor and ceramide 3 to effectively and gently rejuvenate skin.

They are also dedicated to avoiding parabens, sulfates, phthalates, GMO's, triclosan, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrances.

You can find products like Anti-aging Cream with ResveratrolUltra Youth SerumNatural Face Moisturizer  and the Anti-aging Eye Serum that I got to review. 

The Anti-aging Eye Serum reduces puffiness, dryness and the harmful elements that contribute to the tired appearance and dark circles that can appear. 

I like the light weight silky feel of the product and how quickly it is absorbed into the skin. There is absolutely no fragrance to irritate the most sensitive eyes like mine. I had no problem with itching or burning!

I have no wrinkles as of yet, so I cannot tell how effective it is in reducing those lines. But I am sure they will eventually come :-)

I did notice that it brightened my eye area making me look more alert and refreshed though. 

I would give this product ***** (5) stars. 

If you would like to try this product or any of the others I mentioned, you can do that with a 25% off coupon code to SOBO's website. The coupon code is : TRYSOBO

*Wonderfully Messy Mom received this product from Brand Backer in exchange for a review and sponsored post. 


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