Stepping Into Blog Designing

September 14, 2014

A New Adventure For Me

I have been asked by a web friend to help her design a blog.


I have been thinking about doing this for some time now, I even asked for tips and advice (to no avail). I was apprehensive to ask anyone to let me re-design their already beautiful blogs. 

Low and behold a reader asked me who did mine...well, me. So thus began my new journey to designing my first blog. It was almost a confirmation that I was "supposed" to do this. 

I believe there is always a reason a person comes into my life. Almost every time I meet someone new or become friends with them, I am to minister the love and saving power of Jesus Christ. This amazes me every time!!

God is so good to us, He knows what we need, just when we need it. 

So, while I am working on this new design, I am being a Godly friend and being encouraging. Everyone including me needs that at times...

Well, about this blog design thing- I am super excited and having so much fun! I cannot wait to finish and show the world, even though I am super nervous!

Will the world love it? Will others ask me to help them? Can I make it with the BIG times?

Oh well, if I only design this one blog, I am doing to the Glory of My Lord!!

I want to give you a sneak peak- this is done with permission to the new blog owner of course!!

I cannot show you any more!! But I want you to meet Amber from MOMsters Inc. 

She is a mother to 5 little monsters (really they are good kids!!) and is NEW to the blog world!! She will be a lifestyle blogger, blogging anything and everything about parenting and life....

I am looking forward to sharing the whole blog design with you when it is up and LIVE!!

SO if you like what you see so far, need a re-design or want to start a blog, I am up for hire!!

I will be creating a page with all my pricing info (pricing starts at $30) and trust me, your happiness is my agenda!!


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  1. Momsters inc. that's so cute!!

  2. It sound like a fun project! I'm Mama Banana (Mama Banana's Adventures)...because my babies can be bananas! (lovingly of course).


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