The Reluctant Journey:Book Review

December 28, 2014

We have all asked ourselves this question, "What is my purpose?" This book digs deep to answer that question by looking into the lives of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. 

One thing in the beginning that grabbed my attentions was the author makes you think. 
He writes, 

"Why did God call Abraham? Rather than assuming the invitation was offered to Abraham alone, it might have been that God was calling the whole world. God's plan has always been and continues to be the salvation of the world. So was Abraham the only one who received a call? Or could it be that although God was calling everyone, Abraham was the only one listening and responding?"
To answer the call, we need to open our heart's inner ears and seek the one calling. Sometimes this requires change, sometimes it requires going through tests and trials. It takes faith, it takes trust, it always takes getting used to some disappointments.

Abraham had to learn and face all these things. He got an amazing promise from God that he would become the father of nations. But Abraham had to learn to wait and trust God for that promise, this brought about learning to be content through the disappointment of the unfulfilled promise (or so he thought). 

This book brings you through all those stages, and down the family line showing how God worked through each of their lives through one promise. 


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