5 Simple Changes to Healthier Eating

January 22, 2015

Simple Changes to Clean Up Your Diet

Everyone desires to look and feel great, but with the mainstream American diet, it can seem almost impossible. I am here to share with you some simple changes you can make to clean up your eating habits. Just adapting these 5 changes can set you on your way to feeling healthier and eating better. 

But first, let me just say this is NOT a diet {diets do not work}. This is simple changes to create a healthier you, a lifestyle change. 

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  1. Butter- switch out that chemical laden margarine for real butter. But be sure to look at the labels, make sure it only has 2-3 ingredients at most!!
  2. 100% whole wheat bread/flour- White bread/flour is overly processed and strips all the nutrients out during those processing stages. 
  3. Original Greek Yogurt- Packed full of protein, low in sugar, and can be used in many baking recipes and as a sour cream substitute. 
  4. Toss the Box- If it comes in a box, leave it on the shelf. Those easy to bake and go items are full of chemical preservatives and are super easy to make yourself from whole foods and little prep. 
  5. Almond/Coconut Milk- Switching from cows milk to another source can really pack a punch in changing your health. Cows are pumped full of antibiotics and hormones that go right into our bodies causing all kinds of trouble. Try to stick with the unsweetened versions, but do not feel bad if you want to change it up sometimes and go for flavored and sweetened. Just do this occasionally. 

There are many more changes you can make, but I do not want to overwhelm you and cause you to get discouraged. Baby steps are the best way to get started. Majority of people who take off pull steam ahead usually run out of steam and go back to their old ways. 

Check back soon and I will share with you some more ways you can clean up your eating habits to create a healthier, more vibrant you!!


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