Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook review

June 30, 2016

Do you have achy joints?
What about acne?
How about frequent headaches?

You may have inflammation.

Inflammation is the bodies response to toxins in the body. So how does that happen?
Our bodies are such a wonderful creation, but it was not meant to consume and digest most of the foods and medications that are available today.

Inflammation is your immune systems way of saying, "WHOA, something is not right!!"

Eating healthy, fresh food choices can reduce the amount of inflammation you experience.

There are over 150 recipes in this ebook that provide you with realistic, practical and easy recipes to help.

The Anit-Inflammatory Cookbook describes in more detail what inflammation is, how it's caused and ways to treat it naturally through food.

I was particularly impressed with the food choices- they were not exotic or items that made you cringe!

Most recipes require simply baking, steaming or sauteing. That helps when you are a busy mom!!

**I received this deeply discounted in exchange for my review.  


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