The Daniel Prayer Book Review

June 03, 2016

Do You Want Mountain Moving Prayers?

I have been really praying, reading and searching for books about prayer. 
I am desperate to learn how to pray, how to intercede for others and shake the foundation of heaven. 
Did I find that in this book?

The Daniel Prayer by Anne Graham Lotz was truly inspiring. It not only taught me more about one of my all time favorite prophets Daniel, it also taught me more about myself. 

This book on prayer is not just a how-to, its a who-are-you kinda book.
The Daniel Prayer really zooms in an makes you identify why you should pray, how you should pray, and ultimately all about who you are praying to. 

Anne really gets into Daniels life, his surroundings, his peers and totally relates that to this day and age. The Daniel Prayer is a call to pray for this nation just like Daniel prayed for his. 
Our nation is desperate for prayer warriors who will burn a hole in the carpet around the bedside!!
We need carpet burn on our knees, scabs on our elbows and bruised eyelids from crying out to our God for the healing of our land!

I really have to say, out of all the books that I have had the privilege to review, this one is by far my favorite. 

If you are really serious about prayer, seeking deliverance for our country and want to know more about serving our God in the most profound way, this book is for you!

*I received this book free in exchange of my review


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