The QStick Facial Hair Removal Wand

June 20, 2016

Did you know that women have testosterone in their bodies? 
Well, we do. Its only 5-10% of what men have running through their veins, but we still have it. 

Testosterone levels that are slightly elevated are normal but can cause a little extra hair growth. Especially in areas we would rather not have it, like our face.

I do not have a ton of extra facial hair, but have noticed within the last year my peach fuzz on my upper lip has gotten more noticeable. 

I have also noticed I am getting what I call "granny hairs" under my chin. 
These hairs are LONG, WIRY and ANNOYING.

I usually use the tweezers to pluck them out when I see them, but after using the QStick, I may never use tweezers again. 

It is really simple to use. You take the stick and make an upside down U shape. 
As you roll it to remove the hair, you will twist the handles bringing your thumbs together. 

Like so:

There is only a slight pulling sensation and its not too bad. 
Granted, I only used it on my chin area. I Imagine the pulling sensation might be much like tweezers. 
Overall, it seems to be a great product!!

You can purchase this on Amazon here:

**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 

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