Keurig Freedom Stickers by Freedom Brew

July 12, 2016

Do you have a Keurig and have found that not all the k-cups work?
Guess what! Now they will!

Freedom Brew has created an amazing product, Keurig Freedom Stickers! Freedom to use any cups for the Keurig!

Ok so they are a bit hard to tell what they are. But they are half moon stickers that you place on any K-Cup or plastic cup you fill yourself at the 9:00 left hand side of the cup. 

These are the Models you need for it to work:

Works With Plus Models and 2.0 models K300|K325|K350|K400|K425|K450|K460|K500|K525|K550|K560 Keurig Brewers
Does Not Work With Any K200/ K250 Series Brewers
OPENS THE ENTIRE MENU|Brew up to 16oz Travel Mug| Place Sticker at 9 O'Clock Position
USE WITH 2.0 AND NON 2.0 K-CUPS| Allows you to brew larger cup sizes with this sticker. Use on 2.0 cup to open larger brew sizes

They come with 960 stickers. But the great thing is, you can peel them off and REUSE them a few times before you need to replace with a new one. 

My friend bought a new Keurig and it came with the added pot. She could not get the machine to register her plastic fill your own k-cup. UNTIL these!!

She kept getting the Oops pop up!

So we placed the sticker on her cup after she filled with her favorite coffee grounds. 
Remember, place it at the 9:00 portion of the cup.

Then we tried to brew another pot. Well, this time it worked!

She was so excited! I gave her all the stickers- she was even more excited!!

If I had a Keurig I would so keep these, and buy these all the time!
They are only about $15- so you are saving tons of money!

**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 


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