Oldies and Newbies Blogging Network Sign Up

July 07, 2016

The Oldies & Newbies Blogging Network Sign Up is Open!

It is now time to sign up for our first round of Oldies &
Newbies Blogging Network! 

What is Oldies & Newbies?

This is a partnering of bloggers to teach, to learn and to grow that will last ONE month. In the Oldies & Newbies Blogging Network, old & new bloggers are going to be paired together. No matter your size or how long you have been blogging, everyone has something to teach and to learn. 

During our one month time together you will build new friendships, share experiences, teach each other, and learn from one another.  

You will be in communication with your partner at the minimum of once a week. You can certainly communicate more often, and that is encouraged! How else are you going to learn?

You can learn how to promote your social media more effectively. How to design your blog, who to go to for excellent design work, or do it yourself!
You can learn how to effectively optimize your blog using SEO and keywords!

There are many things that can be learned while teaching!! Sometimes just bouncing ideas around together can spark something wonderful, get a new program going or even build a lasting bond!

So here is how it works:

The sign up will run from July 7-July 28th! 

Once the deadline has passed, you will be paired together with either an Oldie or a Newbie! 
This process could take a few days, so be patient. Once the list has been generated you will be contacted by email with your partners information. 
Also a list will be generated for you to find your partner through Google Docs.

Your Partnership will run for ONE month, at the end of that time you
sign up again to receive a new partner.

So how do I join??
Simply fill out this form and you are IN!
Yes, it is that easy!

The Rules: 

1. Please follow the hosts: Brandy, MiriamFiona, Robin & Betsy
2. Keep in contact with your partner at least once a week. However we encourage you to connect with them via social media and communicate more often. However you choose to be in contact with your partner is up to you though.
3. If you are unable to continue with your relationship with your partner, please send an email here and I will make make arrangements to reassign you another partner. 
4. If for any reason you feel that your partner is not participating, please email me. Note if you do not email me to let me know, I cannot help you.
 (Please note that if you are not participating, then you will be unable to participate in the future-This is only fair to your partner, and not malicious). 
5. Write a post and link it up with us on August 4th telling your readers about the Oldies & Newbies program! (We will have an separate date to post the end of our experience as well.)
6. Pin the button below to your blog posts so others can see it and grab it. It would be awesome if you posted it to your sidebar as well ;-)

Wonderfully Messy Mom

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  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    This is a great idea :D I'm signing up now! x


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