VicSou BBQ Thermometer

July 13, 2016

VicSou Grill BBQ Thermometer with Voice Broadcast makes it easy for you to check the temperature of any dish or meat that you were cooking without having to bend down and get inside of the oven.

Over the 4th of July holiday weekend I used this bad going to check my pork shoulder that I was making for pulled pork.
I like the fact that has a long probe so it got deep into the meat and I didn't have to worry about not getting an accurate reading.

It has a back light button that you can push to easily read the temperature or you can push the voice talk button and it will read the temperature out for you. I love that! Very modern!
You can use this thermometer up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit or 300 degrees Celsius, and is accurate up to 1 degree.
The thermometer comes with a great temperature guide that you could easily hang on your fridge to check the proper internal cooking temperature of a variety of meats. This comes in handy if you need to know without running to the internet to check!

You do not leave this in the oven insert into the meat while it is cooking, you check your meat and pull it back out or it will get destroyed.

It has an easy on and off feature, pulling the probe out automatically turns it on and closing the pro back automatically turns it off. Saves battery that way!

**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 

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