Ease The Stress of Having a Newborn

September 25, 2018

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You’ ve got a newborn, or perhaps your due date is only a couple of weeks away, then I know that panic and worry is starting to set it because I've recently had a baby. It’s easy to think that your whole world is turning upside down, especially when you are up at hazy o’clock for the tenth time, for either a feed or a change. Having a new baby is going to be stressful, and no amount of effort will make that stress completely go away. But with simple tips you can ease the stress of it. At the end of the day, it is one of the happiest occasions of your life, and you shouldn’t let the stress of it all cloud your vision! So, here’s my top ways you can ease the stress of having a newborn, and allow yourself to relax into the process.


Day by day your newborn be learning new things, adapting to your home, and growing. Getting a really comfortable baby carrier for wearing your baby around the house is a good way of keeping them close while you go about your daily activities. Your baby will feel more relaxed and warm while they’re close to your chest, which in turn makes you more relaxed! Wearing your baby while you're out shopping keeps them from being fussy and keeps those extra germs at bay. Not to many people will reach out and touch the baby if they are that close to momma.
For more info on safe baby wearing check out this post:

A Routine Attempt

Not all routines work and at times will need to be adjusted but working on a routine of getting your newborn to sleep at night instead of during the day will make all the difference a sleep deprived mom needs. Try bathing them at exactly the same time, feeding them right before they go to sleep, and keeping the room at a perfect temperature will help to keep them asleep for longer. As a newborns, keep in mind you aren’t going to be able to keep them asleep all night. But within a month or so of trying a routine it is possible to have a full nights sleep.

Comfort & Play

Comfort is exactly what they’re going to be looking for, and they’ll search for that when you have contact with them. But play is also important, even though they’re only a newborn. You can get padded mats with little toys and interactive parts hanging down for them to stare at, and even try and touch. Find one that makes noises to stimulate their brain more! In terms of comfort, reading and singing to them before bed will actually really help!

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