Is Your "Healthy" Diet Harming Your Body

September 05, 2018

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When starting a new diet, what is your main motivation for doing so? I would bet it's your waistline!
Why else would you torture yourself by dropping the meals you love? Skipping the extra serving, no cake tonight, extra cheese, no thanks. There’s just one issue; your efforts thus far have not been successful.

Want to know a secret? Focusing solely on your waistline may be what’s stopping you from seeing results. When you start those crash diets, calorie counting, and even low carb diets, you're setting yourself up against obstacles. Such diets ask you to put your body under strain and are far from looking out for your health. That kind of struggle isn’t sustainable. Not to mention that it can do real damage to your body.

Instead, the only changes made to food should be for the overall health benefits and not just for weightloss. Undeniably, you need to switch things up if you’re eating many meals high in trans-fats. But, you can do that by turning to healthy recipes which focus on giving you everything you need. Ironically, you may even find that changing your thinking here could lead to the weight loss you’ve never been able to achieve

If you’re still not convinced, consider the following signs your ‘healthy’ diet is harming your body.

Unhealthy reduction in calories

Calorie counting works for some. It must, else it wouldn’t have such a firm place in dieting culture. For the most part, though, calorie counting diets are bad news. They certainly suggest you’re doing this for weight loss rather than health. After all, your health will suffer if your calorie intake goes below the recommended amount. Instead, you should look into diets which focus on food types, rather than amounts. Both the keto and paleo diets involve cutting unhealthy food with unlimited access to healthy alternatives. Surely you can see that’s a better way of doing things?

It leaves you low on energy

Whether you calorie count or not, a diet which leaves you low in energy is bad news. Bear in mind that even your ketogenic diet could let you down here. Your body simply needs certain things for fuel. Dieting often means restricting or removing these necessities. If you’re low on energy, then, you can be pretty sure you’re risking your health for your waistline. Focus, instead, on eating right, rather than eating less.

Image Credit: Jasmin Schreiber

You’re isolating yourself

It’s no secret that loneliness can be as bad as obesity for health. Studies suggest isolation can even lead to cardiovascular problems. Yet, this is an easy trap to fall into when sticking to a strict diet. You may refuse invitations to meals for fear of what you would eat. You may even eat apart from your family for convenience purposes. Either of these are sure signs you’re placing your waist above your health again. Instead, accept that you can’t shut yourself away. Merely look for healthy meal options on restaurant menus, or serve yourself a smaller portion from a family meal. You’ll feel much better for it.

What is your favorite healthy recipe?

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  1. I am a big fan of intermittent fasting and it works for me. If I need to shed a kilo or 2 that is what I do. I actually do the intermittent fasting up to 5 times per week most of the time.

    1. Anonymous11:32 AM

      I have heard that is a great one to try! I usually do that myself from time to time!

  2. Great mom! You inspire many others to do what actually is needed to be done instead of what has become a stereotype.

  3. Interesting point of view! I guess we always have to look critically at the situation and see good and bad sides. My favorite healthy meal would be salad! with olives tomatoes..cucumbers..just lovely!

  4. Interesting, I certainly believe a lifestyle change is needed rather than crash diet fads.

  5. Smaller portions is what I need to work on - we eat quite healthy in our home, but it's how much we serve on the plate that gets us..

  6. Great post! I have been cutting back on sugar and I feel much better

  7. Smaller portions is a great way to shed a few pounds and maintain a healthy weight!

  8. I absolutely loved this post! I still remember my first time reading about this topic, and I cannot believe how far I’ve grown since. Keep up the amazing work!


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