Suffered an Injury: 4 Tips to Get More Recovery Time

October 11, 2018

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If you sustain injuries in an accident, recovery can take a long time. Sometimes, you might be able to get back to normal life after just a few days or weeks. But it could take you months to heal, and perhaps you could even be left with a permanent disability. It's important to focus on recovering, but it's difficult not to worry about getting back to work during this time. You might be trying to push yourself to recover faster, either for fear of your job or because you don't like being stuck at home, or perhaps your employer is trying to encourage you to come back to work as soon as possible. If you need more time, try these tips.

Make an Insurance Claim

Anyone who has made the smart decision to take out disability insurance might be able to claim benefits on their policy. If your injury is now a disability, you could be due regular payments that cover part or all of your usual wages. If you need help with your claim, you can hire an attorney for assistance navigating the complicated process of making or appealing a claim. You might also have other types of insurance that could benefit you after an accident, such as auto insurance.

Get Advice from Your Doctor

Your doctor is usually best placed to advise you on how long you need to recover. Of course, if you're unhappy with the opinion of one doctor, it's always possible to get a second opinion from another. You can discuss your recovery with your doctor and try to get a realistic picture of how long you need. This can be helpful if you need evidence for your employer or perhaps for an insurance company or for a criminal or civil law case. The opinion and advice of a doctor ensure you have a professional on your side.

Speak to Your Employer

Even if you would like more time to recover, you can feel pressured to get back to work as soon as possible. Talking to your employer about your recovery and how much time you need to take off work can help to ease your mind. Sometimes, you can imagine that there is more pressure than there really is, and your employer can actually be very understanding. On other occasions, it might be that your employer needs to understand what's going on with you so they can provide the right support.

Consider Working from Home

While not everyone is able to work from home, some people have jobs that make it possible. If it could work out for you, you might want to approach your employer about it. They can still have you making a contribution to the company, and you can feel productive too. But by staying at home, you can rest more and allow for more time to heal. Even if your mind is active, you can let your body rest more.

Try not to rush your healing after an injury. You could suffer a setback if you push yourself too hard.

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