What To Do When You Are Feeling Low

December 13, 2018

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It’s nice to be happy. And we should all be allowed to be happy. Yet, it’s not always something that comes that naturally to us all. Now, some people do suffer from a chemical imbalance. And this can mean that they suffer from an illness, like depression, and that’s not quite what we’re talking about here. What we are referring to, however, is the low feeling. Feeling low in energy or demotivated or sad for no reason at all. And it can happen to us all. Maybe you’re going through something, or you’re eating junk, or the weather is getting to you and you’re suffering from the winter blues? When this is the case, you have to start looking after yourself and do something about it. Otherwise, you might stay this way for a while. So let’s take a look at some things you can do.

1. Exercise

To start with, as much as you might not want to do this, exercise can really help. If you can get a bit of blood pumping around your body, and you start to feel good, it’s going to help you to turn your mood around. So go for a walk, dance, run - do whatever is going to give you a bit of life back.

2. Spend Time With Friends

Now, it might be that you’re just spending too much time alone. When you feel lonely or isolated, you’re going to want to do something about it. So get out there. See your friends and family. Make plans. Go for dinner - just surround yourself with people so you can laugh and enjoy yourself a bit more.

3. Perk Yourself Up

But sometimes, you just need a quick fix. And when this is the case, you’re going to want to be able to perk yourself up in just a few minutes or so. To do that, you might find that if you try these hacks, that it might work out better for you. Because playing some music, moving a little, and getting yourself some sun can really help. So think about the little wins that can really perk you up.

4. Make Some Plans

It could be the case that you just need something to look forward to. If you feel as if you’re drowning in work and you have nothing in the future, then of course you’re going to feel low. So change that. Book tickets to a show, go on a trip, book a big vacation. Just think about doing something that will make you feel excited again.

5. Work On Your Mindset

And finally, one of the last things you can do here, is work on your mindset. In fact, this is probably going to be the one thing that really changes things for you. Because if you’re stuck in a vicious circle of feeling this way, then something really has got to give. So think about improving your mindset and adopting a new outlook. When you do, and you’re being more positive and grateful, you’re going to find that your whole world starts to change.

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  1. I’ve heard that even the idea and planning of a vacation can lift your spirits and be beneficial !

  2. I'm glad you have exercise as number one, because that helps me a lot! I agree with Royaltea who commented above me - I love planning vacations and trips to lift my spirits as well. Maybe it's the allure of being somewhere completely new that helps get me out of a funk.


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