Cold Brew French Vanilla Iced Coffee

July 11, 2020

I absolutely love a refreshing glass of cold iced coffee to perk me up in the middle of a tough day. My homemade french vanilla iced coffee recipe hits the spot every time! Especially in the middle of trying to potty train a 22 month old stubborn little girl! All those blog posts that claim you can potty train your toddler in 3 days flat are just flat out lying!! Or I am just an idiot and can't figure out the miracle method they are using...but that's another post for another day!!

Cold Brew French Vanilla Iced Coffee

I am an iced coffee fiend!! I hit up Starbucks every time I head into the city, which isn't often and it's a treat for me and the teens. Those days are becoming more and more frequent the longer I get into potty training! I just need something that touches the soul and refreshes the mind. 

I have tried many homemade recipes just to pour them down the drain because they are just to bitter. A lot of those recipes use already brewed coffee or using your leftover coffee. The best thing I have found is the cold brew method.

Cold brew is taking your coffee grounds and soaking them in water overnight in the refrigerator. The grounds stay cold. There will be no heating the coffee grounds which makes the bitter taste I don't like in my iced coffee. 

Tips to Making Cold Brew

Use a dark roast.
Go and snag you a dark roast or espresso blend. The darker the better!! The Cafe Espresso brand is the best for this recipe in my opinion. But I would certainly love to know which brand you like best!

Use a large pitcher.
You will want to use a large container so all your grounds will fit plus the water. Plus you will want to make enough so you can go back to the prepared coffee tap time and again without having to make more concentrate!

Dump the entire package into a gallon tea pitcher. Fill it up with water covering all the grounds. Make sure you kinda push the grounds back down into the water because they sometimes wanna rise to the top. 

Cover the top with a little clear wrap and place it in the fridge overnight.
Covering your pitcher with plastic wrap will keep all your grounds pushed down into the water. This step is important because without this your grounds will rise to the top and dry out. Those dried grounds won't be producing that liquid gold go-go juice tired moms need to function!

The next morning strain your grounds through a cheesecloth. Now your iced coffee is ready to use!

Freeze coffee into ice cubes.

Fill up ice cube trays with your leftover coffee and freeze it! Using regular ice cubes will water down your iced coffee and take away from the flavor you are trying to get. Using coffee ice cubes will melt making a stronger brew.

Now for the fun part! There are endless possibilities in making the magic creations! I love French vanilla but you can use any flavored creamer that you like.

1-Fill glass with your ice made with frozen coffee.

2- Fill glass half full of coffee concentrate.

3- Then splash in some milk until 2/3 full.

4- Top off with French Vanilla coffee creamer or creamer of choice

5- Place 2-3 Tablespoons of sweet condensed milk into your cup or top with cool whip!

Stir and ENJOY!!

What are your favorite cold brew tips and tricks?
Share those in this form to have them featured in an upcoming post!

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  1. Oh man, you had me at French vanilla, that's one of my favorite flavors. SO GOOD.

  2. Ah now I know what they mean when they say cold brew coffee - didn't know that tx :)

  3. This looks so good! I don't drink coffee but this definitely looks like it's part of the Starbucks menu :)

  4. I have made a chocolate coffee once but never a vanila french. Saving it for tomorrow!

  5. It looks so delicious and lovely and sounds so tasty...Glad you shared the recipe with us..Thanks indeed for sharing..gonna try this version of vanilla iced coffee too...

  6. I love this! French Vanilla Iced Coffee is a favorite for our whole family and making it at home is even better!

  7. This coffee seems really delicious! I've always wanted to make one of these, glad you shared the recipe with us!

  8. I'm inlove with this coffeee it looks delicious I can't wait to try this! I will save this post!

  9. Ugh I would so love to have that! I badly need a deadly dose of coffee!

  10. This looks like a nice beverage. I would love to try it sometime by following your recipe.

  11. Kimberly Caines8:59 AM

    Oh, I love a refreshing cold brew vanilla iced coffee. I need this for a long tiring day. Gonna try this one.


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