Target Outfit Find

July 16, 2019

We are seven months into the year- meaning our year is about over! I don't even know how that happened!

Summer has just gotten started, but fall will be here before we even know it. I found the perfect outfit that can easily transition into a fall look seamlessly!! And to make this outfit even more special in my Momma From Da Souf opinion- my daughter from da north picked this out for me.

This outfit is a little out of my comfort zone and could easily become "frumpy" for an older gal like me, but I kinda like it. Pair this with a neutral or brown tote and sandals to complete this outfit!

My daughter from the north begged me to buy us each one so that we can match. She was in love with this Target Find, I thought it was nice but not really my favorite. What do you think?

I do have a funny story to tell you and a helpful tip about this Target Find!

First, always, always check the tags before you start to try an outfit on. Why? Because this could happen if you don't...

For the life of me I thought something was wrong with the outfit itself. It was really just my mommy fog brain that lacked proper caffein-ation (my new What was really going on was that the hanger displayed my size but the dress was an XS- oh my geez!

I asked my teen to help me because I was stuck- the little stinker decided it was the perfect photo opp- so here ya go. We were both cracking up. I can only imagine what the other people were thinking that were in the dressing room.

Moral of the story- check the actual tag! I'm still dying when I think about this!!

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