8 Signs You Are A Hipster Mom

December 23, 2019

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8 Signs You Are A Hipster Mom

A hipster is characterized as somebody who chooses to follow the latest trends outside of mainstream culture. For sure, they are hip and cool, but they have their own unique style too. Many folks like to be called a hipster, while others are very offended.

Would you like to be a hipster mom? Maybe you are one? Hipster moms get seen everywhere, teaching the cool way to live life to their youngsters. If the following eight points apply to you, then congratulations because you are indeed a hipster mom!

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1. Your child’s name makes them a hipster too

Have you thought long and hard about your child’s name? And is it so unique that only three other humans in the world share that same forename? If so, your child is likely a hipster by default simply because of their cool name!

2. You wear your children

Babywearing is a “thing,” and it’s one that is rising in popularity! Wrapping your babies and carrying them on you no doubt helps them bond with you better. But, it’s also something that hipsters like to do with not-so-small children too.

3. Your son’s hairstyle is reminiscent of the Hanson brothers

Let’s face it: there’s nothing wrong with having a distinct look, regardless of whether you’re a child or adult. The thing is, if your son has a hairstyle similar to the Hanson brothers in their heyday, you’re a hipster mom!

4. You vape without nicotine

Vaping is no doubt increasing in popularity as it’s perceived as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Have you got hooked on vaping since the day you bought your first vape starter kit? And do you vape without nicotine in your e-liquid? If so, you’re 100% a hipster mom!

5. You dress like a nerd

One of the giveaways that someone is a hipster is their unique individuality when it comes to their dress sense. Have people often commented that you dress up like a nerd? 

It’s a surefire sign you’re a hipster mom. Making your own clothes and patching things up is also a telling sign; check out overlocker, a hipster sewing machine.

6. You enjoy living in a big city

Let’s get one thing straight: a city-dweller doesn’t automatically make you a hipster mom! But, if you do live in a capital city, and many (or all) of the other points on this page apply to you, the evidence speaks for itself.

7. You share childhood cartoon memories with your kids

Hipster moms love to get nostalgic, and one thing they will do is share memories of their childhood cartoons with their kids! If you find yourself watching 80s or earlier cartoons with your offspring, it’s a sure sign you are a hipster mom.

8. You love having retro stuff in your home

Do you own a rotary telephone? Perhaps you have a vintage record player from the 60s instead of a modern Hi-Fi system? And maybe you prefer writing with a fountain pen instead of the modern ballpoint equivalent? If you love having vintage products in your home, and you use them all the time, it’s also another sign that you are a hipster mom!

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