How Can Your Joints Make Life A Pain?

December 11, 2019

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Humans stand out from other primates. Not only are we more intelligent, benefit from more usable thumbs, and have the creativity required to invent things, but we also have much smaller joints than our distant cousins. This makes these parts of your body weaker than those found in other primates, and will mean that they are less likely to last throughout your whole life. Which joints are most at risk and will cause the most pain, though? To answer this question, this article will be exploring joint pain, along with some of the work which can be done to overcome it.


It makes sense that your knees don’t last forever. You will use your knees each and every day, wearing them down and causing damage with impacts. While they have evolved to be good at dealing with this, after a few decades of punishment most knees will start to feel old, and this is something which a lot of people want to overcome. You can safely safe-medicate at home with products like hemp cream, but the best thing to do is think about lifestyle changes. Avoiding activities like running on hard surfaces can help, but it will also be worth thinking about the idea of seeking professional help if you find your knees developing pain.


Like your knees, you will use your elbows all the time, and this means that this is another area which can leave people uncomfortable if they aren’t careful. Using computers all the time, playing a lot of sports which involve your arms, or doing a job which forces you to lift heavy things a lot will all contribute to wearing your elbows down. Medical organisations like OPA can provide support for conditions which are related to this part of your body, giving you plenty of places to go when you’re trying to make improvements.


Hip replacements have quickly become one of the most common treatments received by the elderly in the modern world. Having your hips wear down or break can make it impossible to walk, while also causing huge amounts of pain, and this makes it worth working to avoid issues like this. You can look after your hips in much the same way that you looked after your knees, though it’s also worth keeping your eyes open to make sure that you’re not suffering with pain which could be avoided with the right effort.


The idea of living without your fingers will seem impossible to most people. This part of your body is used for just about everything, and most people value their fingers a lot more than they realise. Conditions like arthritis usually start at people’s hands. This will make finger joints ache, and can even make them feel numb once it gets bad enough. There are few things you can do to avoid conditions like this, but there are still a lot of medical experts out there with the skills to help with it.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of maintaining your joints and avoiding the pain they can cause. Thankfully, doctors across the world are getting better at looking after conditions which impact these parts of your body, giving you a great opportunity to turn the tables on the pain you experience.

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