Four Desserts That Everyone Around The Dinner Table Will Love

January 13, 2020

When hosting a dinner party, you always need to think about catering for the majority and when you have dietary needs to accommodate, that can make it harder. There are certain dessert dishes that will be a winner for all. So here are four desserts that everyone around the dinner table will love.

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Fruit Cakes

Fruit is one of our five-a-day and so that makes any fruit that’s in a cake or dessert in general, healthy right? And while we keep telling ourselves that, fruit cakes tend to be a good hit with most of your dinner party as it’s a nice sweet treat to enjoy with a hot coffee or maybe another glass of wine. This is the best cherry pie recipe if you’re after some ideas but anything like a summer fruits sponge or a winter berry topped cake will go on a treat. Perhaps pair it with some ice-cream or a hot option like custard and you’ll be onto a winner.

Ice-Cream Sundaes

As much as they seem to be made for the kids, they are also just as liked by the big kids too. This is the type of dessert that’s easy to assemble and can be made somewhat from scratch too. You might want to get some sundae float glasses so that you can really transform it into a traditional sundae but you can also keep it in a bowl format. Make sure you provide a load of different toppings so guests can top off their own sundae and make it unique to them. It’s a nice way of getting your dinner guests involved in the process and it can certainly be a nostalgic throwback to your childhood.

A Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are the more classy dessert and there’s plenty of variations out there to choose from. You might want to keep to the classic american cheesecake or a standard flavour with not too much fuss going on. This can be paired with a single cream or with some flavoured sauce like chocolate or strawberry flavour. Cheesecake can also be a more savoury dish compared to most sweet treats. It’s the perfect accompaniment to coffee.

Chocolate Pudding

And finally, who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate? Chocolate pudding is the ultimate in comfort food when it comes to desserts. There are two common types when it comes to chocolate pudding, one is usually boiled and then cools down to the texture of custard. The other is a steamed or baked pudding that resembles the consistency of cake. It’s up to you which one you pick but either one will go down well. Pair the sponge version with custard or ice-cream and that will work well with it. Chocolate pudding is pretty basic but it goes down a treat.

Desserts can often be a tricky one to decide on when you’re throwing a dinner party but these four desserts are a great place to start when finding some to offer to your guests. For dinner parties, offering two desserts is recommended.

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