How To Help Your Child When They Are Stressed

January 16, 2020

Just like adults, kids have a mental, physical, and emotional point where stress can creep in. It isn't uncommon for children to suffer from stress in modern times. A certain amount of stress is pretty normal, taking big tests, learning new things all the time and of course, worry about family things too. 

Helping children manage any amount of stress is something that many parents want to do. So here are some tips to help you tackle it together. 

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Weekly Schedule

Some children do too much. Children are expected to get a high score, perform in plays, give their all in school for 6 or 7 hours a day, complete homework, do chores and then throw in the extra-curricular and you have a recipe for stress. 

Downtime isn't all that common for children; in fact, they get just about the same as an adult with a full-time job. Sure, they don't have money worries or need to cook and clean, but they still do a lot. Take a look at how much they do in a week, and is there space for some real downtime? 

Welcome Naps

Sleep is vital for everyone to be able to recharge and reboot ready for everything the next day is going to throw at them. When children are little, they tend to fight against bedtime but are happy to nap on the couch when the mood takes them. Try to create an evening routine that is as relaxed as possible. This goes for adults too. 

Warm milk or cocoa, low music in the background are both great things for everyone. The Calm app has a range of children sleep stories that can help little ones nod off too. Make sleep something that is important and wonderful. This also means avoiding sending children to bed when they misbehave or as a punishment. 


Understanding their own bodies can help a lot. When they have aches and pains from sports, they should rest. When something hurts, they should know that they don't have to soldier on. Ignoring things can be a habit that adults have, and rather than rest when they need, you will often hear 'I don't have time to be ill.' So try to avoid showing that behavior (even if it is true). You can consider things to help, like a baby chiropractor, meditation, or yoga. All of these things help you stay more in tune with your body. 

Your Stress

If you know that you have stress levels that you also need to tackle. Then consider what would help. When parents are stressed out, tempers and patience can be much shorter. And that gets passed on to children really easily. So once a week, try to find time to do something that you enjoy and is relaxing. 

If there is space within that activity for the children to join in, then make it your 'calm time.' 


No one gets through life without making mistakes. The key to being okay with it is knowing that tomorrow is a new day - and there is almost nothing that can't be tackled when done together. 

Bad decisions, bad scores, arguments with friends or family. Teaching children than making mistakes, and how to deal with it in a healthy way really helps too. 

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