10 Things People Don't Tell You About Wearing Contact Lenses

February 22, 2020

Contact lenses are often thought of as an upgrade to your regular glasses. This is especially true for people that find it frustrating or annoying to wear glasses. However, the contact-wearing lifestyle might be a little more complicated than you first thought. In this article, we’ll be looking at 10 things that people usually don’t tell you about wearing lenses.

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1. Yes, you do need to touch your eyeball

Yes, putting on contacts means touching your eyeball. A lot of people take a while to get used to this, and you’ll probably spend a long time with your optician before you get the hang of it.

2. You’ll eventually get used to them

But don’t worry, sooner or later you’ll get used to touching your eyeballs and your friends will think it’s strange or gross that you are accustomed to it.

3. You might miss your glasses

Glasses aren’t just for vision–they can also be a fashion accessory! A lot of people find they miss their glasses after wearing contacts for a while.

4. Never, ever fall asleep with contacts on

Falling asleep with contacts on is dangerous, so if you don’t like the idea of spending a few minutes removing them before you nap, you should think twice about trying contacts.

5. You don’t have to go to an optician to get contacts

You don’t actually need to visit your optician to get contacts. Companies like Eye Contacts provide them over the internet and as long as you know your prescription, you can get them delivered to your door.

6. You’ll need to take them out more often than you think

Whether it’s taking them out before your shower, your morning routine or a nap, you’ll end up taking them out a lot more than you think. 

7. You’re going to lose plenty of contact lenses

Contact lenses are slippery, hard to see with your blurry vision and have a tendency to get stuck in the most random places.

8. They’re a lot more maintenance than you think

You’ll need to replace your lens case to prevent fungi buildup, you need to carry a cleaning solution with you, you need to prevent your eyes from drying up and you need to have a weekly or monthly prescription to ensure you have enough lenses. It’s a lot more work than most people think!

9. Wearing contacts can be stressful

If you’ve been through a stressful day then the last thing you want to do is poke around your eye to remove a contact. Wearing contacts can be a lot of work, so you’ll probably want to keep your glasses around for convenience.

10. You can dress up with some cool contacts

But once you get used to wearing contacts, you have plenty of options for a cool halloween costume and you can even wear unique contact lenses to change the colour of your eyes. It’s a pretty nice perk for getting used to poking your eyes.

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