6 Things To Remember When Throwing A Party For Your Teenager

February 27, 2020

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It was so simple when they were younger! All you needed to do was hire a venue with a bouncy castle and soft play and you knew there would be a great party! But as your child gets older, things change! They become boys and girls with more sass and there are plenty of awkward conversations afoot; and when you start to see them turn into teenagers with an attitude to match, you could very well shudder at the thought of throwing a party for them at this age! Parties at home can go wrong at the best of times but what can you do to throw a party for a teenager that everybody can survive?

Should There Be A Theme?

Granted, they're not going to want a Frozen themed party! But if you are holding a party for a specific reason like their 15th birthday, planning Quinceaneras celebrations can dictate a theme which means that you can pepper the party with suitable items. You could purchase candy for Quinceaneras celebrations which every teenager will be more than happy to eat! But when you start to think about a teen party they are at that stage between childhood and adulthood. You've got to try and get some sense out of them, especially if you don't know what to do. At the very least, having food and the basics in place will make sure that nobody is hungry. And it's a birthday, so don't forget to get a birthday cake!

Avoid Social Media

When your child broadcasts everything on social media it can be a recipe for disaster. When it comes to inviting people to the party, keep it as controlled as possible. You may very well have to lay down the law especially if your child has certain enemies in school! Social media can be incredibly detrimental to any party. And you have got to remember that at the end of the day it's your home so you can lay down the law!

Be Realistic

It's about the size of the venue. If you're holding it at home then you are very aware of how many people it can hold. If possible, try and confine the party to the backyard or an enclosed area. If you're concerned about potential gatecrashers, especially if the party goes on into the night, you've got to be very strict. It's also worth pointing out that if people are hanging around the front of the house this could raise suspicions with the neighbors. And yes, when you are in a busy neighborhood you've got to make sure that you don't have the music too loud as you don't want the police to knock on the door later on! In fact, it might be a good idea to register your party with the local police station so they are aware of what's going on should the worst-case scenario crop up!

Have Your Wits About You!

When your child is turning 15 or 16 it's illegal to have alcohol on the premises in any way, shape, or form! But at that age, children can potentially sneak alcohol in! You've got to be aware of the repercussions. And as a parent, it can mean a hefty fine or time in prison! You've got to have your wits about you and make sure that you are keeping an eye on the party as it goes. You may very well prioritize cleaning up the party as you go but this can be pointless especially if there are dozens of messy teenagers!

Keeping The Parents Informed

When it's teenagers attending a party they may turn up without the parents. If this is your first teenage party it's a good idea to have contact details of each parent just in case something goes wrong. You've got to think about the worst-case scenario. And if a child has an allergic reaction to a food item or an accident they may have a smartphone on them but you've got to get in contact with the parents! It sounds like common sense but when our children get older, they are very adamant they can look after themselves, there are certain parts that you have still got to oversee as the adult!

Try Not To Be Overbearing!

When our children have a party we could very well be a helicopter parent and oversee every single aspect of the operation but we have got to remember that it's our child's party and they will probably want us to take a step back. When our children are inviting friends over, there could be plenty of people that you haven't met before and they could very well be people that you take an immediate dislike to. It's so easy as the parent to butt in and exert your authority but your children are at the age where they have to fight their own battles. And while we're doing it from a place of love, we can't be too protective. Ultimately, our children may tell us to go and stay in the living room so they can have a party on their terms. And we have to respect this to a certain extent. It's our property and we have the final say but this is an occasion for your child. If it goes wrong it could result in a very difficult life for them in school! Because while these children are going to be courteous to us they may not be the same to our child.

Throwing a party for any teenager is quite a complex task. When our children get to the age where they want something a bit different we've got to respect their wishes. But we've also got to remember that with any teenage party can come a very different set of social circumstances. It's not about the bouncy castles anymore! They are blossoming into little adults but this can be a situation where their social stance can be measured in school. And we all remember this from when we were children, so perhaps it's time to incorporate this into our planning!

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