The Best Type Of Diet For Different Health Statuses

March 05, 2020

Most people diet for their health, not sure anything specific in their lifestyle. Unless you’re a professional athlete, a diet is not something that you’ll be familiar with. Everybody tries to eat healthy at some level because we can comprehend the dangers of non-stop junk food. However, a good diet can change more than your general health, it can control and or treat a health condition. Various diets are known to help with specific health concerns such as diabetes, heart conditions and chronic joint pain. Here are a few diet options for different health conditions.

A wholesome approach

If you have high cholesterol, you’re putting a lot of pressure on your heart. Your respiratory system will be working overtime, all the time. The type of diet you need to be on can be referred to as ‘wholesome’. 

  • Eat more soluble fibers. Stop eating white bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. If you are going to have toast, make sure it's brown bread only. Eat more beans such as red kidney beans, black beans, and baked beans. Apples should become the main fruit.
  • As with just about any diet, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Try to have at least one portion of fruit and vegetables per meal. 
  • Herbs and spices are a great way to lower your cholesterol, especially if they become a regular part of your diet. Spicy food is therefore greatly encouraged.
  • Stop all intake of saturated fat. Chips, Greek yogurt, and cheese are all foods you should lower or cut out. Instead, get your fat from meat, nuts, and butter.

Eating to beat arthritis

Arthritis is caused by the gradual wear and tear of your cartilage. This is the rubbery material that acts like suspension and cushions your joints from one another. When you have arthritis, certain foods will inflame your joints. A carb-heavy diet will not just add weight but it can cause gout. Carbohydrates can also inflame your joints, making the pain worse. One solution is to try a macrobiotic diet. This is a diet based on treating health conditions and allowing you to have a successful lifestyle change. Speak with a macrobiotic counselor who has a lot of experience. With over 40 years of knowledge, Waxman has a one-to-one service, which will give you the care and focus you need to develop a diet suitable for your body. You will be eating cleaner carbs, a lot more fruits, and vegetables, but you will also have more Far-East foods like tofu and miso. 

High workload lifestyle

Despite carbohydrates being our body’s main source of energy, carbs should only be eaten in the morning. Because of their complexity, they suck energy from your body in order to digest the food. If you have a high workload lifestyle such as that of a manager or business owner, you will need to control your carb intake. The ketogenic diet is based around using fat as your main source of energy. This is something you should try if you’re suffering from fatigue and exhaustion.

If you have a heart condition, you need to start including more fiber in your diet. If you have arthritis, a macrobiotic diet is something you should implement. 

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