Feeling Bright When You Look In The Mirror

May 01, 2020

The mirror can be a harsh part of life - we have to look in it at least once a day, to ensure we look presentable for work or other activities, and a lot of the time, we don’t like what we see. And this can be for a variety of reasons - self esteem issues can affect us all, and we all may have features we’re insecure about. 

But when it comes to being able to do something about how you perceive yourself, there’s a lot of little changes you can make, even right now! So let’s go through some of the most beneficial below, to help you feel a little brighter when looking in the mirror. 

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Home Remedies For Your Eyes

Your eyes are going to be a big draw, whenever anyone looks at you. And because of that, they’re usually the first thing we see when looking in a mirror - and that’s why it might be a good idea to find a home remedy that’ll help your eyes to look brighter, and a little more rested, even if you’ve had some terrible sleep the night before. 

Cucumber always works, and so do wet tea bags you’ve had freeze overnight; it’s not as weird as it sounds! 

Use a Serum on Your Skin

When it comes to perfecting your skin routine, there’s nothing quite like a good bottle of serum to really finish it off. You’ve washed and dried your face, and you’ve rubbed some moisturizer in, and you’re already feeling better than you did! But you don’t have to stop there, especially if you want to feel like you’re looking better than ever in the mirror. 

Serum is there to help your skin glow, and to look healthy all throughout the day. Make sure you drink enough at the same time, to ensure you’ve got a proper hydrating effect to back this up behind the skin too. 

And Nothing Can Really Ruin a Smile!

Of course, we can be very insecure about our oral health, and how that appears in our teeth, gums, and lips. Indeed, you might even find yourself wanting to go to clearretain.com at some point. But in truth, a proper and true smile can light up our faces, no matter how much you may hate how your smile looks. Learning to appreciate this little (and attractive) form of joy can do a lot for how you perceive yourself in the mirror. 

You can pop bright lipsticks on, to really sharpen up your lips and make them stand out. You can use teeth whitening strips for big photo days, to ensure you’re really looking your best. And above all, make sure there’s joy behind it - even smiling with a closed mouth can look natural, and help you to beat any dental blues away. 

The mirror doesn’t have to be an enemy; when properly used as the tool it is, you can feel great when looking in it. Remember the tips above! 

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