Greenhouse Adventures

May 29, 2020

Over the past couple of years my family hasn't been eating as healthy as we'd like to. Not as many fruits and vegetables or organic foods. So, during this Covid-19 pandemic we've decided to change gears a little bit and start eating more organic and natural foods again. To do this my husband bought be a greenhouse for my birthday. It's not too big, but the perfect size for all my veggies and succulents. 

Putting this greenhouse together was no easy task. It took my family close to 4 days to put this together. We laid paver stones, created a base for the greenhouse, built the frame, sealed the panes, and much more. Most of the days we were outside in the sweltering heat. Even though it was hot, my family and I had lots of fun putting this together. 

My greenhouse looks great in the yard and my plants are thriving. Because of Covid-19 we are spending a lot of time at home. Over these next few months I am excited to start and finish more DIY yard projects with my kids. 

What outdoor activities are you doing with your family to keep them busy during this time?

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